25%unlimited money!Is Ponzi scam?What exactly is the new star securities fxgt.com?




25%unlimited money!Is Ponzi scam?What exactly is the new star securities fxgt.com?


Fxgt.com is very special!It is both a website name and a brand name and registered trademark as a brokerage dealer.In 2020, a number of companies formally authorized and officially launched business activities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations!


Gift -giving event attract attention

As a broker established for 3 years, it can attract the attention of Brother, and it must be extraordinary!

For example, its so -called "infinite loyalty to give gold" marketing activities!   

The so -called "infinite loyalty gift" is that the customer deposits each funds FXGT with a corresponding 25%gift, and after the donation reaches the upper limit of 10,000 US dollars, if it meets the cumulative 40GTLOT transaction volume (that is, 4 million US dollars is $ 4 millionThe amount of transaction volume), and the conditions of not less than 1 transaction within 30 days, FXGT provides another $ 10,000 gift amount!   

There are some problems!

For example, the "Measures for the Administration of Securities and Brokers" in my country, that is, (Article 3 of Article 8 of the Securities Regulatory Commission Order [No. 204]), it is clear that the order must not directly or indirectly return the commission, gift gift vouchers or gift vouchers or gift vouchers or gift vouchers or gift vouchers or gift vouchers. Provide other non -securities business -like services.This is a criterion for foreign brokers and supervision to operate in my country!   

Even in overseas markets, such as the British FCA, the United States CFT, European ESMA, Australia ASIC, etc., in recent years, it has been restricted or strictly forbidden to "give a return" by securities firms!Obviously, the potential harm of this behavior has become the consensus of most supervision!

What is even more worried about Brother is that FXGT does not have a clear definition and restrictions on the gift it given to customers!It is necessary to know that the brokers must be profitable for profit, and it is impossible to allow you to use and withdraw the gifts it given without restrictions, and even restrict the withdrawal of your principal accordingly!

This is not only the humiliation of the right to know the customer, but also the crowd of related laws, but also the trap preset by investors!   


Thousand times more leverage

Large -scale gifts means that the FXGT's own fund pool will be challenged, and its ability to resist risks will also decline.So to accelerate the flow of customer funds in the market, helping quickly return some funds to the top of the country is the top priority!

Leverage is obviously a good tool!Sure enough, FXGT provides a dynamic leverage of up to 1,000 times.

At the same time, I know that Brother has repeatedly emphasized that leverage has enlarged investment income, and also increases investment risks.This is essentially a gambler's behavior!At present, world -class regulatory agencies are restricting or even abandoning these high leverage tools.Understand Brother's suggestion and use less!


Partner plan

FXGT's partner plan also attracted the attention of brother!   

The simple understanding is the identity of FXGT to the partner, let it help it to win the new and promote the platform, and give a commission or other returns based on the activities involved in the recruiting customers or other returns!But this seemingly normal "partner plan" plan is not normal!

Among them, the structure of the plan is particularly abnormal!   

It can be seen in the framework that it appears in the form of different alliances, and it is accompanied by the step -by -step and exploitation system with the "big fish eat small fish and small fish eat shrimp"!You will find that this is very similar to the "Ponzi scheme" structure!But there is a big difference that the alliance itself does not need to invest too much funds, and its income is issued by FXGT!

Based on the previous situation, we will consider up to 25%of the donation mentioned above.I can't help but ask how much the FXGT is invested to continue to spend such expenses?Even how much profit space is there?How much risks will it take?

Once the risk occurs, it will be passed on to the investor's head!IntersectionYou know, the FXGT backpack is full of customers' funds.   

At the same time, it also has a high probability that it once again violates my country's "Administrative Measures for Securities Brokers", that is, regulations of Article 8 of Article 8 of the CSRC (CSRC [No. 204]) - Investor recruitment and service activities.


Exhibition industry illegal rules


Let's take a look at the market operated by FXGT. You can find that it is very enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and digital assets with blockchain technology as its core!Almost the trading door category of all blockchain assets!But this is forbidden by my country!

And the prohibition here is different from the foreign exchange market, the two must not be generalized!It is necessary to understand that my country is not open to the foreign exchange market, not to negate the foreign exchange market; the digital assets under the blockchain are different, and the policy is to deny its currency attributes and completely prohibit.Specifically include:

Member units such as financial institutions and payment institutions should effectively enhance social responsibility, shall not use virtual currencies to pricen products and services, shall not underwrite insurance business related to virtual currencies or incorporate virtual currencies into the scope of insurance liability.Services related to virtual currency.  

Knowing the digital asset sector under the blockchain of the FXGT official website, no related warnings and restrictions on domestic users are not found!Obviously, FXGT does not distinguish domestic customers, indicating that it may be suspected of illegally operating financial products!


Ultimatefintech award?

FXGT likes most securities firms to decorate themselves with the awards!As a new star, the second year of its establishment was awarded by UltimateFintech -the best hybrid broker in 2022.

I have to admit that the award of Ultimatefintech is quite momentum!However, I know that my brother has always been unbelievable. You must know that these so -called financial awards are often run by the private enterprise bureau, and there is basically no legal endorsement!   

For example, this UltimateFintech award, the company's main body UltimateFintech, the brand behind it is itself a brand marketing company specializing in service brokers!

What is even more funny is that the award the award it award is "one year a year, and it is different!"Later, no coming. "It really laughs and generous!


Trading platform and supervision

Then look back at FXGT regulatory information and company entities!According to the information bar at the end of its official website, there are 5 company entities under the brand, only 4 of which are subject to financial supervision!Between:

GTGLOBALLTD supervised by the Seychel Financial Services Administration FSA

Gtiomarkets (PTY) LTD supervised by the South African Financial Department's Conduct Supervision Bureau

GTGLOBALMARKETSLTD supervised by Vanuatu Financial Services Committee VFSC

Tecinternational (Cyprus) LTD supervised by Cysec, Cysec,

But what is interesting is that only GTGLOBALLTD, a company, is used by the company that is subject to FSA regulatory by the Seychel Financial Services Authority. It is used on MT4 and MT5 platforms!You know, FXGT is currently not except the two trading platforms!This means that the entities of other companies are not used for transactions, and regulatory regulatory licenses are ineffective.   


But fortunately, GTGLOBALLTD is indeed supervised by Seychelles FSA!However, I know that my brother has to remind that the Seychel FSA mainly serves the securities market. The supervision of other financial products needs to be limited by the regional jurisdiction of various countries!

For example, in China, it is absolutely over -limited through the transaction of blockchain assets through it!This requires the wisdom of Hui friends to identify it by itself.


Payment Service Company

GTPaymentAgentltd, a company registered in Cyprus, has attracted strong attention from Brother.

The company provides payment services for FXGT's entity GTGLOBALLTD used by FXGT for transactions!How can I understand that my brother is curious about the isolation account of GTGLOBALLTD directly?Why do you have to turn into a company that is far away in Cyprus in one fell swoop.   

You must know that Cysec Cysec does not set up a supervision on "payment services" like the British FCA!This act is increasing risk.

At the same time, considering the current large -scale "Gift" marketing model of FXGT and its outrageous "alliance" framework for the huge demand for funds; it is difficult to understand that it is covered by the payment service through the GTPaymentagentLTD, secretly misappropriationfunds.Of course, this is just a guess of the black belly. It is only used to remind Hui You to be vigilant.

The above is the entire interpretation and analysis of FXGT.com, I hope that there are inspirations to Hui friends.Finally, thank you for your attention!Thanks!



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